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Hearing Damaged Caused By Shooting 

Too often do we forget that our hearing is precious and that is does not improve over time. And we do so many things that damages our hearing, and often without us even knowing. This includes listening to music through earbuds, listening to music and TV at really high volumes, being around loud machines and engines often and for prolonged periods of time, or even going out to a loud bar or club with blaring music, as well as concerts. We might think that these things are not as bad for our hearing as they actually are.

Facts about Hearing Damage

Did you know that one in every three people over the age of 65 years old suffer from hearing damage. It has been noted that people who do not treat their hearing loss and seek help, are more likely to get dementia later in their lives. When you have been exposed to prolonged loud noises, and later experiencing a ringing in your ears, that is the last time you will ever hear that frequency, and it is caused by the loss of the tiny hairs in your ear that allow you to hear.

Shooting and Hearing

Hearing loss is something that we do not think will happen to us, until we start getting older and noticing the signs that our hearing might not be as great as it used to. This can come from so many things, including your shooting. We all know firearms are loud, and we all know you can hear the sound of a firearm going off in the distance. Now if that sound is right by your ear that puts strain on your hearing. There are different ways people suffer from hearing loss, such as tinnitus and high-frequency hearing loss.

Protecting Your Hearing From Firearm Noise

There are, thankfully, ways to help you protect your hearing while you are doing what you love, shooting. The best way is to always use have hearing protection like the right kind of earmuffs or earplugs, and use it whenever you are near firearms being fired. There is a large number or people who do not have any hearing protection while they are at target practice. Do not put price ahead of quality, yes some places will try overcharging you, but some research should assist you in getting the best price for great hearing protection.

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