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Do I need camouflage to hunt?

Some may think the thousands and thousands of animals successfully caught for harvested by hunters wearing no camouflage whatsoever is enough to indicate that camouflage isn’t a requirement for a successful hunt. Many have hunted animals wearing bright coloured clothing.

That being said, for some types of animals and certain types of hunting environments, camouflage can assist. Essentially, when we should use camouflage and what type of camouflage we choose should be presented by animal vision and perception for the safety of the hunter. Majority of animals see things differently from people, so we need to study into what they can see in order to figure out how to hide from their sight in order for a successful hunt.

Terrain Matching Patterns

Countless camouflage patterns seek to visually mimic specific terrains or habitats. The most well-known hunting camouflage looks a bit like a sycamore tree bark. It has green leaves, some twigs, and loads of bark patterns, other types of mimic patterns might try to mirror a marsh or a snow covered terrain. Camouflage base colours will match the terrain for which they are designed to be used in. Exclusive Proficiency Mods is just one example of a camouflage patterned gear that fits best under the mimicry category.

Breakup Patterns

Think about a hunter sitting on an open hillside. Instead of trying to make the hunter flawlessly blend in with his/her surrounding, a breakup camouflage pattern might make that person look like a pile of stones, rocks or a log. The form might be recognizable from the background but won’t be identifiable as a person. A log or a pile of stones does not typically frighten animals. In that event, breakup patterns can provide amazing disguise.

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