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Choosing the right hiking/camping boots

Walking boots are possibly the most  crucial consideration when camping or hiking. The perfect walking boots and walking socks can be the split between an enjoyable or an uncomfortable walk, maybe even a dangerous one. This guide will help you determine which are the best hiking boots for your walk or hike.

There are a variety of elements you should consider when choosing the right boots, these may include the terrain, season, weather, budget and personal taste.


You would need to consider whether you’ll be walking in the hills, wet surface terrain or on uneven ground or on a flat surface, as this will greatly affect the type of walking boot you buy. It could be very easy and unfortunate to twist your ankle on uneven ground and a hiking boots will provide better ankle support than regular shoes.

Leather vs Non Leather Boots

Hiking or camping boots can be made with suede, leather or fabric materials which will normally be mesh. Fabric boots are light in weight and are generally more breathable than traditional leather boots and generally more affordable. Although, leather hiking boots are usually more long-lasting and naturally more water resistant than other materials. However, the choice is normally down to personal preference.

High & Mid Cut Walking Boots

There are normally two different types of cut for a hiking boots mid and high. There isn't a thing as a low cut hiking boot, this would in fact be a regular walking trainer. Walking trainers are suited to walk on flat surfaces, well maintained trails but do not offer any ankle support or as much protection as mid or high boots from rocky trails. Mid cut hiking boots, opposed to regular trainers, protect your ankles and offer support and are ideal for short day walks. Higher cut boots offer incredibly more ankle support on rough terrains but do not allow the same freedom around the ankle as a mid-cut boot.

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