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Why Should You Own A Knife?

A survival knife isn’t just a knife. It’s one of the most important tools to have on you. Whether you are in back country or packing up your bug out bag – you need a dependable knife... Read More

Benefits of owning a LED Flashlight

When one thinks about all the ways you can use a LED torch and all the unforeseen situations that it can come in handy, there is no dismissing the fact that a quality LED torch is one of the most essential devices that everyone should have. From helping you see in the dark and find any lost items, providing lighting during outdoor night ventures such as camping, to being an effective tool for the police or security companies and many, many other beneficial uses. LED torches are certainly one of the most helpful equipment that every household should have....  Read More

Choosing the right hiking/camping boots

Walking boots are possibly the most crucial consideration when camping or hiking. The perfect walking boots and walking socks can be the split between an enjoyable or an uncomfortable walk, maybe even a dangerous one. This guide will help you determine which are the best hiking boots for your walk or hike.... Read More

Why You Should Invest In Polarised Bourbon Eye wear

With so much to do outdoors, it can quite easily keep you busy for a large chunk of your life. And to be able to be an active outdoorsman, or sportsman, survival enthusiast or tactical operator, you need to be able to see. And sometimes it can become difficult to see things clearly in the various weather conditions. Plain and simply that is nature. Thankfully there are great tools to assist with being able to see in the more visually straining conditions and for the different sports and activities that come with it.... Read More

Do I need camouflage to hunt?

Some may think the thousands and thousands of animals successfully caught for harvested by hunters wearing no camouflage whatsoever is enough to indicate that camouflage isn’t a requirement for a successful hunt. Many have hunted animals wearing bright coloured clothing. ... Read More

Hearing Damaged Caused By Shooting

Too often do we forget that our hearing is precious and that is does not improve over time. And we do so many things that damages our hearing, and often without us even knowing. This includes listening to music through earbuds, listening to music and TV at really high volumes, being around loud machines and engines often and for prolonged periods of time, or even going out to a loud bar or club with blaring music, as well as concerts. We might think that these things are not as bad for our hearing as they actually are.... Read More